Key Rules Followed by 123swap

Proper 123swap Token Launch
•Token farming will start straight after the token sale. It means the traders can start farming right after the token distribution.
Fair Sale
•To support the fair sale, 123swap has made very small seed sale and mostly is self-funded.
A Community of Strong-handed Holders
•123swap holds a long-term vision to build only one swap for the traders’ needs and hence, the tokens of the team have been locked for 2 to 3.5 years.
Users are not required to have an account and hence their identity remains anonymous.
Hence, the users can trade Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain-based tokens, Ethereum-based tokens, and other chains tokens without the need to provide any personal data.
No Registration
Keeps private data of the users/traders safe.
The atomic swaps enable direct and risk-free trade with partners, eliminating the need for costly exchange services that are preferred targets for hackers.
To support the 123swap ecosystem of financial products, it uses Binance Smart Chain -a Substrate-based blockchain that is highly secure and
Highly Secured scalable.